Data Retention Policy


All candidates, on applying to work with or being contacted regarding working with Panacea Selection Ltd will receive a copy of the Privacy Notice informing them of what data will be kept, how and where, and why it is kept. This information will be resent with every e-mail communication.

All personal data is kept on a secure Cloud-based CRM system (Firefish) accessed only by employees of Panacea Selection Ltd. This data is kept as confidential and cannot be altered by anyone accessing it. Any hard copy of data provided will be kept secure and destroyed as soon as it has been transferred to the secure cloud-based CRM system.

All sensitive personal data (including but not limited to Passport/Birth Certificate copies, bank details and copies of professional certifications) are kept in a separate secure Cloud-based file with access limited to the companies Data Controller and Senior Directors.

No personal data will be stored on any other software platform other than the secure Cloud-Based CRM system (Firefish) and our secure Cloud-Based HR system (Breathe HR). Any data provided by email directly to a consultants Outlook will be uploaded to the CRM system and the e-mail securely deleted.

All data will be securely deleted immediately on the written request of the person to whom that data belongs.

6-month reviews will be carried out by the business on all data held relating to candidates. If there has been no contact/contact has not been possible/successful after 2 years, the data will be securely deleted.

Clients / Contacts:

All Clients / Contacts data is kept on a secure Cloud based CRM system accessed only by employees of Panacea Selection Ltd. This will include Contact details (Phone, email, address), records of e-mails and conversations. It also includes agreed payment terms.

Data will also be kept on the Panacea Selection Ltd secure CRM (Firefish) or password protected folders for the purposes if invoicing.

6 month reviews will be carried out and any out of date data (including for example, contacts no longer with businesses) will be securely deleted.


All personal Data relating to their employment, pay and benefits and legal requirements are kept on a secure Cloud based HR system. All sensitive data is kept in a separate file within this. Access to these files is limited to HR and Senior Management.

When an employee leaves Panacea Selection Ltd, all information relating to employee benefits and legal documentation requirements (i.e: Proof of eligibility to work in the UK) will be deleted after one year. All payroll information will be deleted after 3 years.

​Suppliers / Third Parties

All suppliers and Third Parties will receive access to a copy of the Panacea Selection Privacy Notice with every e-mail communication.

All contact data is kept in secure Cloud Based files, accessed only by employees of Panacea Selection Ltd working with the said Supplier or Third Party.

All sensitive data, for example Bank Details required for making payments, is kept in password protected folders.

6 month reviews will be carried out on all supplier and Third Party Data. Any data held of businesses Panacea Selection Ltd is no longer working with will be deleted after 1 year.

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